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P.O. Box: 3603, Al Manara Building - First Floor, Building No: 128, B Ring Road, Street No: 220, Zone : 15, Doha, Qatar +974 44463000 medgulf@medgulfconstruction.com
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MEDGULF executes all its activities in such a way as to ensure the Safety, Health and Welfare of all its Employees, Clients and Business Partners to achieve the goal of safe, Zero accident and environmentally sound business practices and operations.

We manage and apply our HSE System such that every employee shall ensure implementation of safety, health, welfare and environment protection procedures, practices and standards. A process of regular auditing to measure progress and identify any areas for continual improvement and prevention of pollution shall be operated.

We practice 3R concept – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in all applicable processes.

We care for safety, health, welfare and the conservation of natural resources by an effective utilization is top management priority. It is the responsibility of all managers to provide a safe working environment, proper tools & equipment and adequate training on an ongoing basis. Management has set a clear leadership example and promote
awareness among the rest of the organization.

All employees have the responsibility to stimulate an awareness amongst their colleagues towards safety, health, welfare & environmental matters, so as to create and maintain a climate in which everyone shares a concern for these issues.

All employees execute their work in such a manner as to prevent circumstances, which could lead to incidents that can cause personal injury, illness, property damage or pollution. All employees have a shared responsibility for HSE, Its maintenance and ongoing improvement.

MEDGULF implements this policy in combination with HSE applicable legislation and regulation, codes of practice of our clients and applicable national and international laws.